Chanel unveils a stunning Cruise 2024 handbag collection: some top picks for the season

Chanel unveils a stunning Cruise 2024 handbag collection: some top picks for the season - Revive

Chanel unveils stunning Cruise 2024 handbag collection: some top picks for the season

As the days grow shorter and temperatures dip, thoughts turn to the allure of warmer months. Enter Chanel's Cruise 2024 collection, a celebration of sun-soaked elegance that originally graced Los Angeles, paying homage to all things Hollywood. The Cruise handbags, set to debut in boutiques and online on November 15, promise a vibrant array of styles to usher in the upcoming season.

Drenched in lively tones, pastels, and shimmering metallics, the collection sets the stage for a Walk of Fame moment. Picture hot pink, lemon yellow, pistachio green, aqua, and the timeless Chanel monochrome, all capturing the essence of summer. From the highly anticipated star bag to mini van minaudières and reimagined classics like the iconic flap, Deauville tote, and Chanel 22, the Cruise 2024 handbags offer a kaleidoscope of styles for every occasion.

Minis take center stage

Mini bags steal the spotlight in Chanel's latest Cruise 2024 collection. The iconic Chanel Classic Flap Mini bag undergoes dazzling transformations, shining in vibrant metallics with star coin purse detailing and sequin embellishments. Pinks, purples, vibrant turquoise, and warm midsummer sunset tones dominate the color palette, maintaining the quintessential Chanel silhouette with square and rectangular Mini Flap options.

Star bags shine bright

The literal star of the show, the Chanel Star bags, commands attention. The Mini Flap bag, adorned with a detachable star coin purse, comes in metallic pink and purple designs. The Small Classic Flap receives the star treatment in an all-silver finish, while the highly anticipated Star crossbody bag offers striking variations in black, pink, metallic gold, and silver. Inspired by '90s nostalgia, the star-adorned metallic backpack completes the ensemble, ensuring you get the star treatment with any of these bags.

Deauville totes 

The Deauville tote bags steal the limelight with an ombre effect capturing the essence of sun-soaked days and coastal escapes. From soft pastels of sunrise to vibrant seafoam green and electric blue of the daytime ocean, the totes transition through warm sunset hues and deep evening shades of purple.

Chanel 22's timeless allure

The timeless allure of Chanel's 22 bag remains unwavering in a spectrum of fresh colorways. Rainbow metal hardware makes a reappearance, and a new east-west silhouette brings a fresh aesthetic. The elongated Chanel 22 shoulder bag introduces shorter shoulder straps, combining timeless elegance with 'cool-girl' flair.

Off to warmer places: Chanel backpacks for new adventures

Backpacks remain at the forefront, offering versatile, functional, and fashionable accessories for summer adventures, whether rollerblading in Venice Beach or hitting a Hollywood set.

Top handle bags

Top-handle lovers rejoice as Chanel introduces a fresh interpretation of the iconic top-handle flap bag, boasting an almost 'puffy' silhouette. Available in small sizes, this version comes in various options, including tweed and delicate metallic leathers.

Timeless classics reimagined

In true Chanel fashion, the collection presents a myriad of classic bags reimagined in fresh, seasonal colorways and embellished tweeds. The Maxi Chanel Classic Flap bag stands out in vibrant pink, while the Boy bag undergoes an orange makeover. Rainbow metal hardware adds a contemporary edge to several classics, ensuring timeless elegance with a modern twist.

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