REVIVE is a unique and sustainable online reseller dedicated to pre-loved designer bags, offering a trustworthy global shopping experience and applying a one-of-a-kind data-driven approach to product sourcing, to ensure timeless value of every piece.




We want to offer to second-hand designer bags lovers a flawless online shopping experience, provide tailor-made consulting on investment bags and drive the change towards a sustainable market approach based on reuse.



We’re working hard to become a worldwide reference point for sustainability-conscious shoppers looking for rare, timeless bags for an investment purpose.


1. Data and investment-driven approach
At Revive, we value the importance of relentlessly monitoring luxury market sales trends, in order to be able to consciously source for our customers the right investment pieces, suitable for a demand and value increase over time.

2. Uniqueness
We offer unique, rare and timeless pre-loved luxury pieces, striving to provide an exclusive shopping experience to customers from all over the world.

3. Sustainability
We believe in the importance of giving pre-loved bags a new life to fight the waste in the fashion industry, and we care about actively contributing to creating a more sustainable world by promoting second-hand shopping, thus encouraging a circular economy.

4. Authenticity
We value quality and authenticity in all our items, ensuring they are accurately represented and always authenticated before being sold.

5. Attention to customer
We’re obsessed with creating a positive and custom shopping experience for each customer, always paying attention to their specific needs and requests to make them happy.

6. Made in Italy, for the World
Revive is based in Italy, but made the choice to ship worldwide, to pursue our dream to bring our Italian strong culture and attention for luxury goods wherever there’s somebody sharing this same passion.



We're a team of experienced professionals in the digital sector from top-tier tech companies, with a strong passion for designer bags and aiming to apply an innovative, data-driven approach to luxury second-hand sales.