Our market approach

An innovative twist to a non-data-driven sector

Luxury bags resellers often adopt a communication style focused on authenticity, style and product quality, which is also part of our strategy.
However, we noticed an overall lack of attention to tracking and analyzing key market trends in a structured way to get valuable insights that can be used to improve resellers’ way to do business.

To solve this problem and drive innovation, we developed a a proprietary software which analyzes second-hand luxury handbags market data in real time.

This market approach allows us to always be a step ahead in identifying in advance our customers’ needs and source our products with a view to finding and buying pieces which are worth investing in.

Conscious of how powerful data can be, we also use it to provide tailor-made consulting services upon request to those customers who are willing to purchase designer bags not only for passion, but also taking into consideration their durability and value appreciation over the years.

The insights provided by Revive should be regarded as product-related qualitative knowledge combined with innovative, data-driven market information, and should not be considered as financial advice.